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There was a time when arriving to the dance floor scared me entirely. What will people think of me? Have I worn the right thing? What if they see my stomach? What if I look like a fool?

 Then there was this time, each time after time, that more self-confidence grew in who I was, and just accepted that what I felt - was ok. However it looked. 
 It didn’t happen overnight. 

 Ecstatic Dance is the practice of getting out of the way of - ourselves. 
 A self that has protected us. Usually a self that is in place to keep us safe, and away from being hurt. 
It does hurt - to be judged, to be called names, and not told - we are beautiful. 
 This can happen in our upbringings, our workplaces and our social-media world. Hardly any of us, are ‘immune’ to it. 

 The mind is a tricky thing. It is also a powerful force. 
 My own experience with this practice has been the strengthening of my mind, with my own TRUE self. 
 The one that didn’t believe all the words, the doubts and disbeliefs, the unprettiness, my mind - actually the mind of others! - for many years. 
I had suffered with eating disorders, shame about my own expression, a healthy relationship to my sexuality and or sexual expression (and or use of it’s creative life-force!) in many ways that had me depressed, and even suicidal, as a 20-something woman. This was until I found this practice. 

As I continue my own practice, almost 8 years on, the subtleties after a session can be profound: more self acceptance, more riddance of the world’s woes and a connection to my own breath - and body - that gave me and still gives me an AIR of self assurance: this life, is possible. This day is possible, because of who I am. E’dance is the practice of letting the ego die - in Taoist traditions - this death can happen in a myriad of ways. Sometimes through meditation, sometimes through other trance-induced states, psychedelics states and much more. Spiritual traditions for eon’s have been doing it. Dyeing - into Truth. 

This space of truth, only one can find. Ecstatic Dance provides us, once again, a modern day - every day - accessible ‘practice’ - where we come together to rip of the layers, to listen to what the music tells us to do (and no one else, for that matter!) and get used to being uncomfortable…

 Through this, the door ways of perception are released, new ones are formed, and a deeper relationship with ourselves - as powerful, beautiful, and worthy - remain. Albeit, emerge - slowly. 

There is something waiting on the other side of your fears, your insecurities, and your ‘darkness’. 
What if there was something much more beautiful, than what you’ve been told? 

I encourage you to push through those fears on the dance floor, keep moving and find your liberation. Judgement can be in the simplest forms (i.e hate the music and the dance journey or dj? - there’s something in that for you. Keep moving… express that, in whatever ‘move of resistance’ (expression of resistance) you desire. 

 Here - you are free, to do so.

 With love, 
 Ember PS: I wanted to show this really great 7min video with you (featuring also friends from @ecstaticdancebyronbay)

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