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Lose yourself to find yourself - this dry July!

Updated: Jul 5

It’s dry July - every day at Ecstatic Dance Cairns. I don’t remember once, being drunk and with a hang over, in the last 10 years. In fact it was a Croatian summer holiday upon a boat full of other Australian 20’ somethings that I decided I had enough of the lifestyle painfully sweet yet somehow extraordinarily bitter - and it didn’t just represent the morning after!

 Many who come to Ecstatic Dance Cairns are seeking a new way to the beloved past time of music and dance. 

 Did you know we are the only all adult dance space in Cairns - that moves and grooves, with a professional ED’DJ (and sometimes other artists) and high quality sound systems, to great music without alcohol? What makes this space unique and potent in Cairns, if so?

 Socially, dancing with alcohol has been the means to a barrier let down. Uncomfortable in our own skins, it’s mind inducing comfort has allowed us through all ages and demographics, to get down… to commune, to experience culture (through music and dance most commonly) and to transcend the worldly experience of our sometimes daily, and monotonous lives. 

As someone who, at the same time I decided to stop subscribing to hang overs, so did I infact give up the permanent, corporate government job I too held at the time, as a 25 year old woman. Both of these things for me went hand in hand, symbolic of a far larger ‘gesture’ to myself that was infact - a calling, an aching, to be more comfortable in my own beautiful, wild and prosperous skin!

 Ecstatic Dance floors across the world - with their strict: no shoes, no booze, no words ‘policies’ transformed this place of unease inside of me… it grew my skin, to be comfortable, each time, with the uncomfortable, of what it was - to move, to feel, to be seen, express and to connect - deeply, within myself, and with others, also, through a dance floor experience that really was - very uncomfortable to begin with!

 Many coming to EDC are first timers, to a sober dance floor experience. This space, rooted in a the safety of a held container, where all are subscribed to the notion of the three guidelines or ‘rules’: here we dance without shoes, without words or talking, and as we feel and please! With these guidelines holding a space of loving support, for all - to be in the same boat!

 Many journey through uncomfort, fear and scare. Some on the other hand are very comfortable, on our dance floor… and use the opportunity to dive deeper in themselves, expressing a broad range of emotions and dance floor moves! 

All in all, the experience of being held in a safe all adult ages setting, where we are all in the fear - together - allows the barriers of separation, without need of alcohol or intoxicants - to connect us, to that which deeply, I believe we all seek to do: feel at One. 

…That feeling of exhilaration of letting the entire stresses of the world fall down, let free and feel connection with the other-worldly sensation of rapture: just you, being the most incredibly turned on and alive human being in the room, being in your ‘not giving a f__k mode’ and experiencing the fullness of life, and love, on the dance floor 🔥

 So happy dry July! To those who may make a new step in another direction, whether it be more balance and healthy inspiration, with their alcohol intake, or potentially to let that unfold into the rest of their lives, like I did. 10 years ago, in July of 2012…

Welcoming you, with open arms, to dance a new direction - every day!

 Lose yourself to find yourself ;) we say! Upcoming July dances:

Ember Director | Founder DJ Spring Jaiah

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