Tropical Australia’s Official Ecstatic Dance Community

Founded in January 2021 by Cairns local, ecstatic dance devotee -  dancer and DJ - Ember Spring Jaiah, Ecstatic Dance Cairns offers a rotation of experienced & emerging local and nationally recognised Ecstatic Dance DJs and artists, who curate up to a 2 hour free-form movement music journey which is played on a high quality sound system allowing attendees to move as they please - without shoes, booze and words.

Inspired by her time on other tropical dance floors such as Bali, Thailand, southern India and also Hawaii, where the practice started over twenty years ago, Ecstatic Dance Cairns is the newest place within Australia to offer this high quality music and all adult movement space - where we dive deep into the dance, have a good time and have the opportunity to have a transformational dance journey that leads to a natural high from the embodied connection to ourselves and our surroundings.  Within Australia, other Official Ecstatic Dance's can be found at Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay & Melbourne and can be found all across the world.

With each dancer maintaining the guidelines, held in a safe and held sacred container lead by experienced industry artists, you are welcome to explore, express and enjoy in an all adult community setting - designed for your liberation!

Our Three Guidelines:


1. No words are used on the dance floor - we speak with the language of our bodies only here. Please don't talk anywhere on the main dance floor. This respects everyone in the space for their own dance journey.

2. No shoes - we dance barefoot or if you are needing more comfort, that is fine, however please designate your own ED specific/clean indoor shoes just for this space and event.

3. Move as you please ~ dance as you feel. There is no wrong or right way to Ecstatic Dance. This movement space for adults is your opportunity to explore the edges, get our of comfort zone and feel the freedom!

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Upon arrival you are encouraged to begin with light stretching and sometimes we have a guest facilitator warm us up and drop us in, which then transitions into a free-form dance journey facilitated by the DJ and or artists. Sometimes we also have our integrative rest with a  sacred sound artist/musician and generally all up about a 2 hour experience, no less.

DJ's here play a diverse array of sounds and genres from across the world - it is unlike a club or festival DJ set; Ecstatic Dance DJing is an entirely different style and artform of it's own, favouring a slow build, a peak or several peak experiences and a decrescendo coming into stillness and rest. All ecstatic dance journeys are not just 'high' but are diverse dance sets with unique crafting as to touch on many different types of music and genres, and therefore moods and feelings and states of being.

Listen to some previous DJ sets on Soundcloud

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We dance twice a month - indoors at Edge Hill near Tanks Arts Centre on a Saturday night & Smithfield at Skypark by AJ Hackett outdoors on grass on a Sunday morning.

Specialty events also are throughout the year offering extended dance sessions, specialty facilitators & community experiences!

Tickets are only available online; there are no door sales sorry as our venues are limited space and often sell out. Tickets are however open online, right up until we start our dance session - unless sold out prior.


I didn’t realise how much I needed Ecstatic Dancing until I gave it a go a few months ago. It made me feel free, beautiful and loved. I am so grateful for the opportunity to open up and express my true self in a safe and supportive environment. Ecstatic Dancing well and truly adds to my happiness, and I feel blessed to have it in my life.

Really felt the journey through the different nations and cultures and was transported there. Had a great night. Thank you.

 The space had an amazing energy and I felt totally comfortable to just close my eyes and move in any way I needed. Even if that meant lying on the floor and not moving much at all at moments.

Thank you for last night. First time ever and it was excellent.

I had a profound journey last night, please pass my gratitude to the DJ.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful event! My first ecstatic dance event and I have not stopped smiling since! 


All adults, all people, all bodies and backgrounds are welcome. You don't have to be a 'dancer' to dance - no movement experience necessary either, just a willingness to show up and explore!

As a sober dance space, we also arrive in a 'clear and clean' state free from influence. Please also avoid strong perfumes or scents, including essential oils also, as these can be off putting to others in the space.

No phones or photos are allowed and encouraged you switch your mobile off at the door completely and enjoy the time entirely for you.

Please bring your water bottle, and something lay on if you feel you may need it when resting, this could be a yoga matt, sarong or towel.

Ecstatic Dance Cairns is a non-discrimination vaccination status dance space; meaning our dances will never be run separating people and have done so safely accordingly within density limits enforced by venue holders. All together we dance.

People with hearing problems or deaf, as well as those with disabilities are encouraged to contact to discuss how we can support you into the experience also!

A number of community tickets are given out each month to those who are in FNQ social & well-being rehabilitation programs, please contact to apply.