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Tropical Australia's All Adult Community Freestyle Dance Floor

Established in '21, we are a no phones, booze, shoes or words space. An intentional, clean vibe space where music is curated by a live DJ played on a high fidelity sound system. A container to be yourself, without judgement while listing to diverse global music lead by industry experienced professionals in both the ecstatic dance Australia scene, and artists & musicians from both local and experienced from across the country and globe.

Here we move intuitively following our bodies instincts and desires, with no experience needed in dancing at all.

Together we come together to shake off our worries, be amongst community and lose ourselves in the music, to find ourselves dancing...


Our mission is to create a safe, sacred space for people to come and express themselves through movement—regardless of age, gender, background or social status. We believe dancing is a form of therapy which can help us connect to ourselves and to others. We embrace inclusivity, freedom of expression, openness and positivity. Come and dance with us!

Ecstatic Dance - the  3 simple guidelines

1. We dance without shoes (or: We dance barefoot)
This allows us to connect more fully with the ground. Socks are ok.
If you have a physical condition that you need dance shoes, that's ok.


2. We dance without words (or: We dance with body language)

This makes it easier to be in a meditative state. There is no verbal instruction from the hosts or facilitators while the DJ is playing and there is no talking from the dancers.

3. We dance as we are (or: Move as you feel)

No drugs, alcohol, no phones, no cameras/videoing, no scents, no expectations, no judgements, no shoulds, no oughts, just be yourself - with respect to ourselves, the space in which we dance and each other other.


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