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Movement • Music • Community

Ecstatic Dance Cairns is a free-form dance space for adults with rotation of experienced and emerging local and nationally recognised DJs and artists who curate up to a 2 hour set which is played on a high quality sound system. It is a drug, alcohol and smoke-free environment, and we also dance without talking - it is all about the music and dance here.

Founded in 2021 by Cairns local, ecstatic dance devotee - Ember Spring Jaiah, Ecstatic Dance Cairns follows inspiration from the global Ecstatic Dance movement which adhere to the following three rules. They are:
1. No talking on the dance floor
2. No shoes (if you need, please allocate indoor specific shoes to your practice)
3. Move as you please - dance as you feel.

Comfortable clothing is recommended to a session. No phones or photography is allowed either.

Together following these guidelines, we create a space designed for personal freedom, expression and healthy connection.

What to expect

Upon arrival you are encouraged to warm up with light stretching and sometimes we have a guest facilitator drop us in, which then transitions into the free-form dance, which is guided by the musical journey curated by the DJ/artists.

Sometimes we have an integrative rest artist or musician also, with the experience being about a 2 hour journey, no less.

DJ's here play a diverse array of global music, tempos and genres - it's unlike a club, bar or a festival DJ set, Ecstatic Dance DJing is an entirely creative art-form and offering of it's own, allowing dancers to feel many different emotions, experience states of being they wouldn't usually and have a great time while in a safe and held environment, where your are allowed to express and be yourself.


We dance twice a month - indoors at Edge Hill near Tanks Arts Centre on a Saturday night & Smithfield at Skypark by AJ Hackett outdoors on grass on a Sunday morning.

Specialty events are also throughout the year - offering extended sessions and a unique community experience!


Tickets to sessions are only available online (no door sales sorry - as we are regular sell outs).

Where & When?

"I didn’t realise how much I needed Ecstatic Dancing until I gave it a go a few months ago. It made me feel free, beautiful and loved. I am so grateful for the opportunity to open up and express my true self in a safe and supportive environment. Ecstatic Dancing well and truly adds to my happiness, and I feel blessed to have it in my life."

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful event! My first ecstatic dance event and I have not stopped smiling since!"

"I had a profound journey last night, please pass my gratitude to the DJ."

"This is really impressive!! I can't wait to try out the outdoor dances aswell. The atmosphere and the energy, it can't be described in words. Thank you for holding these events! Also I might share, that I hadn't felt so grounded and present in my body in a long time. I do see the healing part of dance. It is releasing stagnant energy I guess."

A space for every body

Dance expertise is not required. There are no steps to learn, and no way to do it wrong.

As adults, we arrive clear, clean and sober - free of intoxicants and substances. 
Please also avoid strong perfumes and scents, as these can be off putting to others in the space also.

We encourage you to switch your phone off at arrival & enjoy this time for you.

Bring your water bottle, a yoga matt or sarong, if you feel you may need it also at the end.

Ecstatic Dance Cairns is a non-discrimination vaccination status; all together - we dance.

People with disabilities and hearing issues (including deaf) also encouraged to attend, please contact to see how we can support you into this experience. A number of community engagement tickets free of charge are also given out in the year for those financially unable to attend or in rehabilitation programs. Please contact if this applies to you.